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What type of website will work best for your business?

Thinking about a new business website? Then consider what type of site will best represent or fit your business’ online presence.

Here’s a list of commonly used websites for businesses.

Informational website

An informational site is like an online brochure for your business. This type of site should be updated regularly to provide current and relevant information. Informational sites often have a home page, a page or several pages that outline services, an about or company background page, a contact page for contact information and directions along with online form for inquiries. You may want to also include and a privacy page to let your site visitors know how you handle any information they send you.

Portfolio site

A portfolio often has all of the pages in an informational site along with a portfolio to showcase work. This type of site is often used by creative and service businesses. Some examples are photographers, designers, artists, as well as general contractors, builders or developers.

Blog or news website

A blog or news site frequently contains all of the items in an informational site along with posts or news items. These news items or posts are added periodically over time. A news site often delivers posts or news items chronologically, and will need to keep content organized. This type of site delivers content sorted in a number of different ways. Any website can include a blog or news section. Above all, this can be a great tool for businesses to keep their customers informed.

Commerce or Ecommerce website

A commerce website is basically an online store where you can sell products. Commerce websites also include informational website content, as well as blogs. Each product will need it’s own product page and consequently, these sites can get big. Also, a lot of thought needs to be given to product content, pricing, shipping options, photos, and variations of products.

Think about how you will use the website to help your business. It helps to have the type of website in mind along with how you will use it before you begin a website project. If you have a business that may sell products in the future, you can always start out with an informational site and grow into the commerce site.